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I had some issues with dieting. I was not able to do dieting so easily. There were always some issues which I used to face. Either I used to discontinue the plan after just one week or accidently I used to eat something which was not a part of the diet plan. Many of my friends then recommended this app to me when I was dieting.

This app gave me the right direction and an organized approach towards dieting which is very important. The reminders in the app constantly reminded me of what kind of food should be taken and at what time. There was no chance to deviate from the plan. I religiously followed the plan for few weeks and was able to achieve the results. This app changed my perspective about dieting. I realized that people do dieting but their approach towards dieting is not correct because of which they fail. They eat plain food, do lots of exercise but are still not able to lose weight. MyDIETist is a scientific approach towards dieting. It helps you to know which kind of food needs to consumed and in how much quantity. MyDIETist app is one of the best app which I have used till now.

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