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Success Story

Swapnil Amin

Shed 14 kgs

It is difficult to live a life with an illness such as Diabetes. I am trying to fight this illness with lots of patience and determination. Losing weight was my first priority. But I wanted to do it in proper way. I wanted the guidance of fitness experts who can understand my body and suggest me the best methodology to reduce weight. I am glad to take the help of MyDIETist which offers more than what you can expect in an app. I got expert advice from the dieticians of MyDIETist and then with the help of the app I was able to shed 14kgs. The diet plan was executed in such a fashion that it also kept my sugar levels normal. Thanks to the MyDIETist team for making such a wonderful app! I had diabetes which had shot up to 500 which had lot of adverse effects on my health, my job as was into sales and my personal life as well. With the diet what they have given within months the diabetes level had gone down to 200 and they are within normal limits now. The power and the dosage of the medications have also come down.

Nutritionist also had lot of patience and they were hand on as I had lot of travelling as was into sales and marketing.

They were available all the time whenever I had difficulties in choosing food.

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