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Success Story

Savita Khopde

Lost 10 kgs in 4 months

Being a housewife, my daily activities were very much limited. There was limited scope for physical exertion. Also, I am not much fond of doing exercise. Living a sedentary lifestyle resulted in me gaining a lot of weight. It was time for me to consult a fitness expert. So I fixed an appointment with one of the dieticians through the MyDIETist app. This consultation gave me better perspective on dieting. I followed a particular diet plan after consultation with the dieticians and in 8 months I got the results. I lost 10kgs in 4 months which is a significant achievement.

This app is helpful for people who have a busy lifestyle as it regularly monitors your health and give you appropriate feedback at the right time. It tells you where you are going wrong so that you can immediate action. I would surely recommend to my loved ones. I had gone on various diets with my friends recommendations like liquid diet/ avoiding breakfast / skipping meals / not having dinner so much effort with this diet I use to loose weight but whenever I went to the normal food pattern I used to gain double the weight I was very unhappy about this and had lost all the faith in loosing weight. Then I came thru a MyDIETist app and the nutritionist there were very well versed they explained exactly where I had gone wrong and planned a very healthy diet for me.

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