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Success Story

Sameer Sagar

Lost 15 kgs in 5 months

Because of hectic life and busy schedule, I was not able to take proper care of my health. In the process, I ended up putting lot of weight and I was not happy with it. Then I consulted few of my friends who told me about this app. I said why not try it! Soon my life changed. The results from were unbelievable. This app is your pocket guide for living a good healthy life. It is great ‘Value for money’ product. You do not have to spend more on consulting different doctors or spend on different weight loss programs.

MyDIETist has got a personalized feeling. Dieticians give health advice based on your body and fitness level. You can never be unhappy with the advice given as they understand your personal likes and dislikes regarding food and accordingly suggest a proper diet plan. I like south Indian food so my dietician framed a plan which comprised of south Indian dishes. I lost 15kgs in 5 months it completely changed my perspective

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