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Success Story

Rounaq Pinto

Happy with results

I always liked to eat junk foods like Pizzas, pastas, Burgers etc and had lot of craving for such type of food. Eating street food just became an addiction. I wanted to get rid of it and indulge in healthy eating. While searching on Google, I came across the website of Mydietist. I was inspired by the success stories of people who managed to lose weight through the app. So I downloaded it and followed the diet plan mentioned by the dieticians in it. Slowly I become more health conscious. I now truly believe that ‘Health is wealth’.

MyDIETist app has made me more knowledgeable. I can now clearly tell the amount of calories in one piece of Samosa, Vada pav or any other junk food. So I make a conscious effort in avoiding such kind of food. I only consume food which is highly nutritious and has less calories. This app made it possible to access such kind of information by just clicking few buttons. I believe more people will download this app in future as its benefits are clearly visible.

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