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Success Story

Kavin Shah

Gained 12 kgs

Mine was a unique problem as I wanted to gain weight with the help of this app when others normally try this app for weight loss. I tried many ways to gain weight. I started eating food which could increase my weight but then I discovered that this was not the right method. Then I decided to consult a fitness expert and searched online for information. Thankfully, I got to know about this app and rest is History. I tried the meal which was suggested in my diet plan. The diet food options had a proper balance of taste and nutrition. Thus I was able to add in more 5 kgs within no time. Through this app I got to know some lovely food options which were not only healthy but also very tasty. Now I feel more confident and happy. Most of the features in the app are helpful. It helps you in proper planning. The food options provided in the app are just awesome! I have made it a part of my routine meal.

Totally I gained 12kgs feeling more confident and also healthy, was not feeling tired and my energy levels had raised double. My haemoglobin levels had come up. They had actually made me understood the importance of food.

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