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Success Story

Kalpesh Mehta

Lost 10 kgs in 3 months

This app helped me regain my energy levels. I feel much more energetic and strong after losing almost 16 kgs. Out of which 10 kgs were lost in the initial 3 months itself. I never thought that the results will be so quick. This app has just turned out to be a miracle for me as previously I had lost all hopes about whether I will ever be able to lose weight.

I am now into muscle gain program for which I am again using this app. According to me this is a complete fitness app. I will surely recommend this app to all my friends and relatives who are interested in living a healthy life. I found the features in the app to be truly amazing like it is easy to get all information regarding what food should be consumed, when to be consumed and in how much quantity at the single click of a button. This makes life easier. Has started feeling more energetic and could finish the daily chores faster.

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