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Success Story

Atul Dedia

Lost 15 kgs in 5 months

I stay in hostel and used to miss my parents very much. Stress related to studies and staying out took a toll on my health. I don’t know how I got into the habit of eating so as to relieve my stress. Unhealthy eating habits resulted in me putting extraordinary amount of weight. Then I decided to get rid of it. Since I couldn’t afford to miss out on my lectures and studies, I decided to take the help of MyDIETist app as read some positive reviews about it internet. Out of the numerous apps which are available in the market, this one is the best app for weight loss. I am happy that I used this app to stay fit. I did not had to compromise on the tasty food which I used to eat earlier.

My diet plan was easy and it helped in achieving realistic fitness goals. Most of the other fitness apps do not have features like appointment booking with the dieticians, maintaining the fitness levels by following a particular plan and reviewing the progress on a daily basis, the list of food options as a part of the diet plan. Lost 15kgs in 5 months and actually understood where I was going wrong in the selection of food. Nutritionist were hads on as they always used to give me variations according to my taste buds.

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