MyDIETist Team

14 years of experience

Rishit Sanghvi


Rishit is best described as a strategist, innovator, game changer and an intrepid Entrepreneur. Amply evident from his stellar performance collectively spanning 14 years at Deutsche Bank and Reliance Money, where he spearheaded the development of the organized market for gold in India.

Equipped with a Chartered Accountant’s degree and invaluable experience behind him, he went on to establish OTB Consultants Pvt Ltd – that provides a wide spectrum of relevant advice for businesses. Using constant process reengineering, OTB finds alternatives to traditional methods of doing things that are quickly found and implemented, without recycling former ideas. As an exponent of health and fitness, he went on to launch his brainchild, MyDIETist, which is the company’s flagship brand that helps individuals embrace healthy eating habits and gradually arrive at the desired body weight. Rishit is an exemplar of the health conscious person – by shedding over 25 kg through his comprehensive diet program, proving that MyDIETist works.
What more proof can someone ask for?

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