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Heart Healthy Diet Plan

Our diet plan for heart patient is well suited for people with cardiovascular disorders or diseases. Recovering from heart attack or irregular blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease, we have solutions for all your problems.

Depending on patient's heart conditions, our expert cardiac dietitians help you learn about foods that harm and foods that heal. Eating healthy food and leading a physically active life makes a huge difference to your health.

To prevent heart attack and protect your heart it is important to eliminate unhealthy foods but at the same time it is important to enrich your diet with ample of heart healthy foods and nutrients. Our cardiac health diets are well balanced to provide you the best of nutrition.


Benefits of Diet Plan for Heart Patient

  • Lower your cholesterol

    Eating healthy food which raises good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol helps protect your heart.

  • Power up your heart

    With all the essential nutrients and proteins to improve your heart function

  • Pro heart nutrients

    A diet rich in vitamin A, C, E, and minerals like selenium, zinc, calcium etc. help protect the heart from free radical damage.

  • Know your fat

    Contrary to the belief not all fat is bad. Learn to distinguish fats that harm and those that heal.

  • Healthy lifestyle

    A healthy heart enhances the quality of life promoting improved physical activity and vigour.

  • Manage blood pressure

    Blood pressure is one silent killer that slowly impairs heart function.

How MyDIETist Helps You To Keep Heart Healthy

Define Your Weight Loss Goal

Define Your Weight Loss Goal

My DIETist is your app for weight loss if you want to burn those extra calories without getting much stressed! Losing weight will be more fun with the help of this app. Simply set your fitness goals after consulting our dieticians and then decide on the right plan which is easy for you to follow.

Get A Diet Plan

Get A Diet Plan

No need to pressurize yourself in following a boring fitness regime. If you have craving for Paneer then include your special Paneer salad diet for weight loss plan. With MyDIETist app you can learn how to lose weight much faster as compared to any other methods.

Track Your Lost Or Gained Calories

Track Your Lost Or Gained Calories

The app gives your diet score on a daily basis. Gone are the days when you used to check your weight on the weight machines to keep a track on the weight loss program. MyDIETist is a complete app which gives detailed analysis on what kind of food intake is impacting you? How much more water should be consumed?

Review And Reach Your Ideal Weight Goal

Review And Reach Your Ideal Weight Goal

What food ingredients should be a part of your meal on a daily basis? Etc. This helps you in knowing where the problem is and what actions should be taken to achieve your fitness goals. Over a period of time, you unconsciously follow eating the perfect food which is meant for you!

Success Stories

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    Weight Loss Story

    100 kg


    68 kg


    Kalpesh & Megha Mehta

    Age: 39/34

  • real man real man
    Weight Loss Story

    104 kg


    90 kg


    Anshul Tiwari

    Age: 35

  • real man real man
    Weight / Muscle Gain Story

    56 kg


    60 kg



    Age: 28


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