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Make healthier choices for a better tomorrow

Your day by day guide to achieving your personal weight-loss, nutrition and fitness goals, all while on the go. A healthy body is truly a work of art. And we want you to experience it. At MyDIETist, we help you adopt a healthy living lifestyle so you can live your life to the fullest. Design and track a diet to meet your fitness goals with the integrated features of our app. Also say goodbye to lengthy dietician visits, appointments and bulky diaries. Use our face to face consultation with dieticians, calorie breakdowns and reminders to get started, after all a healthy mind dwells in healthy body.MyDIETist empowers you to be the best version of yourself. We have customised our features that guide you every step of the way in your health and fitness journey.

Key Features

Step 1

Free Personalised Diets

MyDIETist is the perfect Indian app which can help you in accomplishing your health related objectives. There are different Indian vegetarian diet plans with different permutations and combinations of food items. Consult with the MyDIETist expert dieticians and select the best plan which is as per your liking. MyDIETist has extensive database of best meal combinations. You can find even a Jain diet plan for weight loss. Select the plan which you think can be easily followed in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Step 2

Effortless Tracking

After selecting the best plan, follow it religiously and track your progress. MyDIETist mobile app lets you know about any kind of deviations from the diet plan on a daily basis. Celebrate your achievements and put yourself to task for any kind of non-achievements.

Step 3

Connect With Expert Dietitians

What’s more? Enlighten yourself with expert knowledge from the MyDIETist panel of Dietitians. Get useful weight loss tips from the fitness experts. Following a diet plan for weight loss was never be so easy, Isn’t it!

Step 4

Stay Motivated

Push yourself harder and motivate by reading what others have achieved. Dieting is also a mind game! It requires lot of discipline and determination. Go the extra mile by reading the success stories of others on MyDIETist app and get more inspired!

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