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Comprehensive health and fitness app that makes healthy living easier than ever before.

You now have a personal trainer, a dietician and a health care professional, all at the tip of your fingers. MyDIETist is all that you need to reach your weight goals and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

The app is designed to chart a health plan that takes you closer to your dream weight by encouraging smarter and healthier choices. Engineered with intelligent technology and intuitive algorithms, MyDIETist provides expert analysis to maximise the gains out of your diet.

With just a few easy steps, we motivate you, guide you and keep the fire lit till a healthy lifestyle becomes innate to your way of living.

Steps to Success


First up, the app sets a realistic goal based on your body type and flags down irrational expectations


Proprietary algorithms consider your body stats, target goal, likes and dislikes to tailor a personalised and complete diet plan of your liking


Constant monitoring, comprehensive calorie count and regular reminders keep you on track with your diet program


Thorough analysis shows you how to make simple adjustments that, over time, help you develop healthy habits and reach your goals

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