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Taking a large bite out of competition

Take a large dollop of numbers and statistics. Drizzle it with logic, relevance and practicality. Garnish with a generous scoop of creativity and viola! What you get is a healthy recipe for success we follow at OTB Consulting Private Limited.

True to what our name stands for, thinking Out of The Box (OTB) comes naturally to us. Sharing others’ challenges and achieving their objectives through a refreshingly innovative approach is our definition of ‘healthy living at the workplace.

It was truly a defining moment for us when our like-minded team set their eyes on the Obesity statistics of India. Noting that Obesity was rising at an alarming rate, they couldn’t help but see a pressing need to address this problem innovatively. Using their astuteness, passion and the OTB approach, they embarked upon the creation of a revolutionary health solution. Their seminal work eventually gave health-conscious Indians what they most needed - MyDIETist.

MyDIETist is arguably India’s most definitive health app, mainly for its 30 million populace who are obese and wish to get fitter. Unlike most other health apps, MyDIETist provides a platform for consultation, Indian recipes for healthy cooking and a host of other features that puts it miles ahead of competition.


Rishit Sanghvi

Founder, MyDIETist

Prachi Sanghvi

Founder, Head of Nutrition, MyDIETist

Swapnil Darekar

Operation Head

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